Yoga and music intervention to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress during COVID-19 outbreak on healthcare workers.

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To investigate impact of Yoga and Music Intervention on anxiety, stress, and depression levels of health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.This study was conducted to assess psychological responses of 240 healthcare workers during COVID-19 outbreak. We used Yoga and Music Intervention in normal and abnormal subjects based on Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale-42 (DASS-42).Of all 209 participants, 105 (50.23%) had symptoms of depression (35.88%), anxiety (40.19), and stress (34.92%) alone or in combination. The data suggest that there is significant improvement in test scores after intervention. Majority of persons with abnormal score exhibited improved DASS-42 score on combined interventions of Yoga and music compared to control group. Even subjects without abnormalities on DASS-42 score also showed improved DASS-42 scores in intervention (n = 52) group compared to nonintervention (n = 52) group.Our findings highlighted the significance of easily available, simple, inexpensive, safe nonpharmacological interventions like Yoga and Music therapy to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression in present times.

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Authors: Manisha Vajpeyee, Shivam Tiwari, Kavita Jain, Pamil Modi, Prem Bhandari, Guneet Monga, Lokendra Bahadur Yadav, Himani Bhardwaj, Akhilesh Kumar Shroti, Shivoham Singh, Atulabh Vajpeyee