Value of copeptin and S100B protein in the differential diagnosis of central vertigo and peripheral vertigo.

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To investigate the usefulness of copeptin and S100B levels in the differentiation of central and peripheral vertigo.Ninety patients were included in the study. Copeptin and S100B levels were measured using the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay method.The time between symptom onset and presentation to the emergency department was longer in the patients diagnosed with central vertigo. S100B and copeptin levels were significantly higher in central vertigo patients. The confirmed cut-off value was 17 for the S100B level and 1.65 for the copeptin level.Quick and reliable differentiation between central and peripheral vertigo is important to reduce the length of hospital stay of patients in the emergency department, and for patient comfort. S100B and copeptin levels are potential biomarkers in the differential diagnosis of central vertigo and peripheral vertigo for patients whose aetiology of vertigo cannot be differentially diagnosed with history-taking and physical examination.

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Authors: M Koyuncu, F Cakmak, M Guzel, O H Yavasoglu, S Biberoglu, A Ipekci