Use of a Rigid Bronchoscope as the Sole Prebypass Airway During Pediatric Tracheal Tumor Resection: A Case Report.

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We describe the anesthetic and operative techniques utilized for a tracheal tumor resection in a pediatric patient with 95% tracheal occlusion. In prior tracheal tumor cases that dictated complete resection, our team had been able to comfortably bypass a tumor with an endotracheal tube. In this case, we could not intubate past the tumor. A rigid bronchoscope was able to be placed past the tumor, so we continued with sternotomy and dissection before cardiopulmonary bypass while ventilating through that bronchoscope as our definitive airway.

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Authors: Michael A Evans, Elizabeth H Stephens, Jennifer M Lavin, Yeona Chun, Sarah Maurrasse, Carl L Backer