Understanding the Value of Total Shoulder Arthroplasties at Physician-Owned Hospitals.

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Owing to concerns regarding higher cost, low quality of care and cherry-picking in physician-owned hospitals (POHs), the Affordable Care Act imposed sanctions that prevented the formation of new POHs. With an increasing utilization of total shoulder arthroplasties (TSAs), there is a need for re-evaluation and assessment of quality and cost of TSAs performed at these POHs.The 2011 to 2014 Medicare 100% Standard Analytical Files was used to identify patients undergoing a reverse TSA or anatomic TSA at POHs and non-POHs. Multivariate regression analyses were used to assess differences in 90-day and 1-year outcomes between the two groups.A total of 1,626 (2.2%) patients received a TSA at a POH (N = 50). No notable differences were noted between POH versus non-POHs regarding 90-day surgical site infections (P = 0.645), dislocation (P = 0.068), periprosthetic fractures (P = 0.556), revision arthroplasty (P = 0.114), pulmonary embolism (P = 0.155), deep vein thrombosis (P = 0.208), acute myocardial infarction (P = 0.219), sepsis (P = 0.288), urinary tract infections (P = 0.186), all-cause readmissions (P = 0.427), 1-year dislocations (P = 0.475), 1-year periprosthetic fractures (P = 0.697), and 1-year revision arthroplasties (P = 0.225). TSAs performed at POHs had higher odds of postoperative stiffness at 90-day (odds ratio 1.39; P < 0.001) and 1-year follow-up points (odds ratio 1.51; P < 0.001). TSAs at POHs had markedly lower risk-adjusted 90-day charges (-$8,904) and 90-day costs (-$1,659).Apart from slightly higher rates of stiffness and renal complications, patients undergoing TSAs at POHs seem to have similar outcomes as compared to non-POHs, while having lower costs of care. The findings suggest a need for further research, evaluating the value of care at POHs.Level III.

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Authors: Azeem Tariq Malik, Mathangi J Sridharan, Julie Y Bishop, Safdar N Khan, Andrew S Neviaser, Gregory L Cvetanovich