Two-Year Outcomes of Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy: A Case Series.

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The aim of this study was to investigate the outcomes and complications after posterior ankle arthroscopy for the treatment of posterior ankle impingement syndrome, in a local population with a single surgeon series. Two-portal posterior ankle or hindfoot arthroscopy is an alternative option to open surgery in cases of posterior ankle impingement, that showed similar results but with less morbidity and faster recovery. There has been increasing interest in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Indications include extra- and intra-articular conditions and range from bony, cartilaginous to soft tissue pathology. Posterior ankle arthroscopy has been shown to be a good option in cases that are refractory to a period of conservative therapy. Posterior ankle arthroscopy also has known complications of sural nerve damage laterally and neurovascular bundle injury medially and also a steep learning curve that has been studied in the context of os trigonum excision. There have been few or no studies on the local Singaporean population and this article seeks to describe the various indications, results, and complications in the local Singaporean population by a single surgeon.Levels of Evidence: Level IV: Case series.

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