TNF-α inhibitors used as steroid-sparing maintenance monotherapy in parenchymal CNS sarcoidosis.

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To assess the efficacy of tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) inhibitors used as steroid-sparing monotherapy in central nervous system (CNS) parenchymal sarcoidosis.The French Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroinflammation Centers retrospectively identified patients with definite or probable CNS sarcoidosis treated with TNF-α inhibitors as steroid-sparing monotherapy. Only patients with CNS parenchymal involvement demonstrated by MRI and imaging follow-up were included. The primary outcome was the minimum dose of steroids reached that was not associated with clinical or imaging worsening during a minimum of 3 months after dosing change.Of the identified 38 patients with CNS sarcoidosis treated with TNF-α inhibitors, 23 fulfilled all criteria (13 females). Treatments were infliximab (n=22) or adalimumab (n=1) for a median (IQR) of 24 (17-40) months. At treatment initiation, the mean (SD) age was 41.5 (10.5) years and median (IQR) disease duration 22 (14-49.5) months. Overall, 60% of patients received other immunosuppressive agents before a TNF-α inhibitor. The mean (SD) minimum dose of steroids was 31.5 (33) mg before TNF-α inhibitor initiation and 6.5 (5.5) mg after (p=0.001). In all, 65% of patients achieved steroids dosing <6 mg/day; 61% showed clinical improvement, 30% stability and 9% disease worsening. Imaging revealed improvement in 74% of patients and stability in 26%.TNF-α inhibitors can greatly reduce steroids dosing in patients with CNS parenchymal sarcoidosis, even refractory.This study provides Class IV evidence that TNF-α inhibitor used as steroid-sparing monotherapy is effective for patients with CNS parenchymal sarcoidosis.

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Authors: Frédéric Hilezian, Adil Maarouf, Clemence Boutiere, Audrey Rico, Sarah Demortiere, Philippe Kerschen, Thomas Sene, Caroline Bensa-Koscher, Claire Giannesini, Jean Capron, Arsene Mekinian, Jean-Philippe Camdessanché, Géraldine Androdias, Romain Marignier, Nicolas Collongues, Olivier Casez, Catalina Coclitu, Mathieu Vaillant, Guillaume Mathey, Jonathan Ciron, Jean Pelletier, Bertrand Audoin, Under the aegis of the French Multiple Sclerosis Society