Effect of the time interval between cataract surgery for both eyes on mental health outcome: a cohort study of 585,422 patients.

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Cataract surgeries can improve mental health outcomes. However, previous studies have not investigated whether the time interval between cataract surgeries for 2 eyes affects mental health outcomes.We used the whole-population National Health Insurance (NHI) claims data from Taiwan to conduct a cohort study. Patients who received cataract surgeries for both eyes were identified (n = 585,422). The mental health inpatient and outpatient consultations received by these patients were analyzed, with different time intervals ( 12 months) between the surgeries. Negative binominal regression was performed to estimate the interaction of the first eye surgery with the time interval.The number of mental health consultations was lowest among patients with a time interval of  12 months, the predicted number of mental health consultations increased from 1.674 to 1.796 (P 

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Authors: Chiun-Ho Hou, Ken-Jen Chen, Jiahn-Shing Lee, Ken-Kuo Lin, Christy Pu