Thoracic vertebrae fracture: Is it an indicator of abdominal injury?

Traumatic vertebral fracture accounts for 10-15% of trauma related admissions. While the correlation between lumbar vertebral fractures and abdominal injuries is well established, the relationship between thoracic vertebral fractures (TVF) and abdominal injuries is comparatively less well elucidated. Using a large national trauma database, we aimed to examine the incidence and severity of associated abdominal injuries in blunt trauma patients suffering from TVF.A retrospective cohort study using the Israeli National Trauma Registry was conducted. Patients with thoracic vertebrae spine fractures following blunt mechanisms of trauma between 1997 and 2018 were examined, comparing the incidence and severity of associated intraabdominal organs injuries with and without TVF. Demographics and outcomes between the two cohorts were compared.From 362,924 blunt trauma patients, 4967 (1.37%) had isolated TVF. Mean age was 49.8 years and 61.9% were males. The most common mechanism of injury was fall following by MVC. The patients with TVF had significantly higher rates of increased ISS score (ISS > 16, 28.45% vs. 10.42%, p 

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