Pre-clinical evaluation of a novel robotic system for transoral robotic surgery.

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The Versius Surgical System (CMR Surgical, Cambridge, UK) is a new robotic surgical platform that is CE marked and available for clinical use. This is the first pre-clinical evaluation of the Versius Surgical System in accordance with phase 0 of the IDEAL-D Framework. Optimal setup of the Versius Surgical System for use in transoral surgery was evaluated and defined. Two experienced TORS surgeons performed 3 index procedures – lateral oropharyngectomy, tongue base mucosectomy and partial supraglottic laryngectomy using three fresh frozen cadavers. Fourteen resections were successfully completed establishing feasibility. Instrument tremor occurred due to suboptimal distal instrument stabilisation. A bespoke transoral stabilisation port is proposed to address this issue. Further preclinical assessment is required prior to phase 1 IDEAL-D trial evaluation.

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Authors: Jack Faulkner, Asit Arora, Chloe Swords, Emma Cook, Akshaya Rajangam, Jean-Pierre Jeannon