The significance of symptoms before and after surgery for anomalous aortic origin of coronary arteries in adolescents and adults.

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The aim of this study is to describe the significance of symptoms preoperatively and at medium-term follow-up in adolescent and adult patients who underwent surgery of anomalous aortic origin of a coronary artery (AAOCA).Consecutive patients who underwent surgery for AAOCA in our tertiary referral centre between 2001 and 2018 were included. Clinical characteristics and symptoms were evaluated and medium-term outcomes were recorded. Symptoms were classified according to the ‘2019 ESC guidelines on chronic coronary syndromes’.A total of 53 (55% male) patients with mean age of 44 at time of surgery underwent surgical repair of AAOCA. Data on symptoms and events ˃3 months after surgery were available in 34 patients with a median follow-up of 3 years (interquartile range 1.0-5.3). Preoperatively, only 35% patients had typical anginal complaints. After surgical correction of AAOCA, 59% of the patients were free of symptoms, compared to 6% preoperatively (P 

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