The prevalence, severity, and risk factors for dry eye disease in Dubai – a cross sectional study.

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The prevalence of dry eye disease is increasing globally and requires the attention of healthcare professionals as it worsens patients’ quality of life. No published studies on the epidemiology of dry eyes have been found in Dubai.To describe the epidemiology, prevalence, severity, and associated factors of dry eyes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2019.This was an analytical, cross-sectional, survey-based study. An online survey was distributed by email to Mohammed Bin Rashid University students, staff, and faculty and to the staff at Mediclinic City and Parkview Hospitals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from April-June 2019. The survey included demographic questions and the Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI).The survey was completed by 452 participants; the majority were females (288/452; 63.7 %). The prevalence of dry eyes in Dubai was estimated to be 62.6 % (283/452), with severely dry eyes being the most prevalent (119/283; 42 %). Females, high daily screen time (> 6 h), and the use of contact lenses were found to be associated with dry eyes (P-value 

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Authors: Sarah Alkabbani, Lakshmanan Jeyaseelan, Anupama P Rao, Sandeep P Thakur, Pramod T Warhekar