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  • Reconstructive Options During Nonfunctional Laryngectomy.
    A paucity of data exists regarding surgical outcomes for patients undergoing total laryngectomy for a dysfunctional larynx. Herein, we present the largest study evaluating the method of closure on postoperative fistula rate and swallowing ability.We performed a retrospective review of patients undergoing total laryngectomy for a dysfunctional larynx after primary radiation or chemoradiation therapy for […]
  • Voice-Related Quality of Life Is Associated with Postoperative Change in Subglottic Stenosis.
    To characterize the impact of subglottic stenosis (SGS) on voice-related quality of life (V-RQOL) and quantify the effect of treatment on voice outcomes.Case series.Retrospective review of SGS patients treated from 1996 to 2018 at a single institution to assess for 1) V-RQOL association with individual patient cumulative treatment number and 2) V-RQOL correlation with treatment […]
  • Prevalence of voice disorders in healthcare workers in the universal masking COVID-19 era.
    To determine the prevalence and associated risk factors of voice disorders in healthcare workers of high-risk hospital care units during the COVID-19 pandemic.Cross-sectional study.Questionnaire survey to healthcare personnel of COVID-19 high-risk hospital units was conducted, regarding demographic data, clinical activity, the pattern of usage of personal protective equipment, medical and vocal history, vocal symptoms and […]
  • Long-term Follow-up After Radiation Therapy for Laryngeal Amyloidosis.
    Laryngeal amyloidosis (LA) is a rare disease characterized by extracellular protein deposition within the larynx. Treatment is difficult due to the frequently submucosal and multifocal nature of disease. The mainstay of treatment is surgical resection; however, recurrence rates are high. Recently, use of radiotherapy (RT), either alone or postoperatively, for LA has been adapted from […]
  • Barriers to Voice Therapy Attendance in a Language-Diverse Population.
    Voice therapy is an effective treatment for many voice disorders, but success depends on attendance and adherence. Many factors hinder treatment attendance, and language discordance with the provider may present an additional obstacle to attending therapy. This study evaluates factors associated with voice therapy attendance at a language-diverse, safety-net hospital.Retrospective chart review METHODS: Retrospective review […]
  • Applications of Office-Based 445 nm Blue Laser Transnasal Flexible Laser Surgery: A Case Series and Review of Practice.
    The recent introduction of 445 nm blue laser to office-based laryngology presents potential advantages. These include a desirable combination of cutting and photoangiolytic qualities and a lightweight, shock-resistant design. Despite its increasing use, current evidence is limited to experimental data and case reports.The authors present a case series and overview of office blue laser transnasal […]
  • Hey Siri: How Effective are Common Voice Recognition Systems at Recognizing Dysphonic Voices?
    Interaction with voice recognition systems, such as Siri™ and Alexa™, is an increasingly important part of everyday life. Patients with voice disorders may have difficulty with this technology, leading to frustration and reduction in quality of life. This study evaluates the ability of common voice recognition systems to transcribe dysphonic voices.Retrospective evaluation of “Rainbow Passage” […]
  • Expression of ACE2 and TMPRSS2 proteins in the upper and lower aerodigestive tracts of rats: implications on COVID 19 infections.
    Patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), exhibit not only respiratory symptoms but also symptoms of chemo-sensitive disorders. Cellular entry of SARS-CoV-2 depends on the binding of its spike protein to a cellular receptor named angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), and the subsequent spike protein-priming by host cell […]
  • Coexistence of Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Large Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma in the Larynx: A Case Report and Literature Review.
    Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma and large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma are not common in head and neck, these tumors rarely occur in the larynx but both have highly aggressive clinical behavior and a high mortality rate. The diagnosis is complicated by these tumors’ atypical clinical and pathological features. This case details a coexistence of basaloid squamous […]
  • Strategies and Controversies in the Treatment With Carbon Dioxide Laser of Laryngeal Hemangioma: A Case Series and Review of the Literature.
    The hemangioma is the most common vascular tumor, involving the head and neck in 60% of cases. It is rare in the larynx. In children, hemangiomas are more frequent on the subglottis, whereas in adults the most common site is the supraglottis. Laryngeal hemangioma with cavernous features isolated to the free edge of the vocal […]
  • Correlation of Glottic Gap and Voice Impairment in Presbyphonia.
    The objective of this study was to investigate the glottic gap area as a significant marker for the severity of presbyphonia as it relates to patient-reported outcome measures (Voice Handicap Index-10 [VHI-10]) and stroboscopic findings.Retrospective case-control study conducted in an academic tertiary voice center.Patients seen at a tertiary voice clinic who were diagnosed with presbyphonia […]
  • Voice-Related Quality of Life in Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis: Effect of Serial Intralesional Steroid Injections.
    Serial intralesional steroid injection (SILSI) is an emerging treatment for idiopathic subglottic stenosis (ISGS), providing improvement in both subjective symptoms and objective airflow parameters. Little is known about how this airway remodeling affects the voice. This project analyzes subjective voice changes after SILSI and correlates these with airflow parameters.An ISGS database containing voice-related quality of […]
  • Analysis of reflux as the etiology of laryngeal dysplasia progression through a matched case-control study.
    Laryngeal dysplasia (LD) is a precancerous lesion of the larynx. In this study, the laryngeal tissue of patients with laryngeal dysplasia was taken as the research object, and the etiology of reflux was analyzed.Patients with laryngeal dysplasia after surgery were selected as our subjects. The levels of pepsin, enterokinase, and bilirubin in laryngeal tissue samples […]
  • Disparities in Mortality from Larynx Cancer: Implications for Reducing Racial Differences.
    Race predicts overall mortality (OM) of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC) in the United States (US). We assessed whether racial disparities affect cancer-specific mortality (CSM) using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) database.Adults with LSCC from 2004 to 2015 were selected. Univariable and multivariable Cox proportional hazards and Fine-Gray competing-risks regression analysis adjusted for […]
  • Transoral Robotic Surgical Proficiency Via Real-Time Tactile Collision Awareness System.
    In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the surgical robotic system for removal of benign and malignant conditions of the upper aerodigestive tract. This novel application of robotic-assisted surgery, termed transoral robotic surgery (TORS), places robotic instruments and camera system through the mouth to reach recessed areas of the pharynx and […]
  • Health-Related Quality of Life Following Total Laryngectomy: A Systematic Review.
    Treatment of advanced laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer has shifted from total laryngectomy (TL) toward laryngeal-preserving therapies due to a general perception that TL has a significantly negative impact on the individual’s life. However, whether the physical impairments related to TL translate to a reduced health-related quality of life (HRQoL) has not yet been determined. Therefore, […]
  • Addition of Wendler Glottoplasty to Voice Therapy Improves Trans Female Voice Outcomes.
    VT is often considered the preferred treatment for vocal feminization in transgender patients. However, Wendler glottoplasty offers a surgical option for increasing fundamental frequency and perception of vocal femininity. We aimed to determine whether the addition of glottoplasty to VT results in greater fundamental frequency elevation and improvement in quality-of-life measures.Retrospective case series.Forty-eight trans female […]
  • Vocal Tradeoffs in Anterior Glottoplasty for Voice Feminization.
    Anterior (Wendler) glottoplasty has become a popular surgery for voice feminization. However, there has been some discrepancy between its theoretical pitch-raising potential and what is actually achievable, and downsides to shortening the glottis have not been fully explored. In addition, descriptions of the surgery are inconsistent in their treatment of the vocal ligament. This study […]
  • Arytenoid Subluxation Reduction Using 28-Jackson Dilator.
    Arytenoid dislocation and subluxations commonly are reduced surgically using Holinger and straight Miller-3 laryngoscopes. We present a case of arytenoid cartilage subluxation returned to good position using a 28-Jackson dilator. A 66-year-old man was diagnosed previously with right vocal fold paresis and left vocal fold paralysis following a motor vehicle accident that required a 14-day […]
  • Transoral Carbon Dioxide Microsurgery of the Larynx as a Day-Case Outpatient Procedure: An Observational, Retrospective, Single-Center Study.
    Despite good results of transoral laser CO2 microsurgery (CO2TOLMS) of the larynx, a lack of data related to the safety of this technique as a day-case procedure across the literature is evident.An observational, retrospective, non-randomized study.One hundred four (62.6%) patients met the inclusion criteria, 96 (92.3%) patients were male, and 8 (7.7%) patients were female. […]
  • Primary Combined Small-Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Supraglottis: Case Report and Literature Review.
    Combined small-cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx is an exquisitely rare and underreported primary tumor the head and neck region, with an English literature review revealing only 17 documented cases. There is limited information on how best to treat these patients oncologically, given the low number of reported cases. A subset of […]
  • A Novel Endoscopic Arytenoid Medialization for Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis.
    Arytenoid adduction (AA) has been indicated for unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP) patients with vertical vocal fold height mismatch and/or large posterior glottic gaps that are unable to be adequately addressed by anterior medialization techniques. Although AA offers several advantages over other methods, it is technically challenging and involves significant laryngeal manipulation of the cricoarytenoid […]
  • Coverage for Gender-Affirming Voice Surgery and Therapy for Transgender Individuals.
    To determine insurance coverage for gender-affirming surgery and voice therapy for individuals who seek to align their voice with their gender identity, and to analyze differences based on state-by-state transgender equality.Cross-sectional study.Policies from the top three commercial insurers per state in 2019 were reviewed. Coverage status was determined by web-based search, telephone interviews, and email […]
  • A 532-nm KTP Laser for Vocal Fold Polyps: Efficacy and Relative Factors.
    We retrospectively analyzed the laryngoscopy results and voice outcomes of patients with vocal polyps who received potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) laser treatments in a clinician’s office, in order to establish the effectiveness and relative factors affecting the efficacy of this treatment.We enrolled 25 patients with vocal polyps who had undergone KTP laser treatment in the […]
  • Outcomes of a Multidisciplinary Ear Nose and Throat Allied Health Primary Contact Outpatient Assessment Service.
    Traditionally patients are seen by an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) surgeon prior to Allied Health referral for treatment of swallowing, voice, hearing, and dizziness. Wait-times for ENT consultations often exceed those clinically recommended. We evaluated the service impact of five Allied Health Primary Contact clinics (AHPC-ENT) on wait-times and access to treatment.Ametropolitan Australian University Hospital […]
  • The validity of the Acoustic Breathiness Index in the evaluation of breathy voice quality: A Meta-Analysis.
    The evaluation of voice quality with acoustic measurements is useful to objectify the diagnostic process. Particularly, breathiness was highly evaluated and the Acoustic Breathiness Index (ABI) might have promising features.The goal of the present meta-analysis is to quantify, from existing cross-validation studies, the evidence for the diagnostic accuracy of ABI, including its sensitivity and specificity.Meta-analysis […]
  • An Open-Source Three-Dimensionally Printed Laryngeal Model for Injection Laryngoplasty Training.
    A limited number of three-dimensionally (3D)-printed laryngeal simulators have been described in the literature, only one of which is specifically designed for percutaneous injection laryngoplasty (PIL) training and is currently of limited availability. This study describes the development and evaluation of a high-fidelity, open-source, low-cost 3D-printed simulator for PIL training, improving on existing models.Simulator design […]
  • A Rare Case of Primary Neuroendocrine Carcinomas in the Ear and Throat and Review of Literatures.
    The neuroendocrine carcinomas (NECs) of the head and neck are rare. The purpose of this article is to explore the diagnosis and treatment of NECs in the ear and larynx. We report a case of a patient with NECs found in the ear and throat simultaneously, and the relevant literatures are reviewed. It is difficult […]
  • Voice and Stroboscopic Characteristics in Transgender Patients Seeking Gender-Affirming Voice Care.
    Understanding transgender voice is in nascent stages. This study describes voice characteristics in treatment-seeking transwomen by comparing two validated questionnaires-Voice Handicap Index-10 (VHI-10) and Transsexual Voice Questionnaire (TVQMtF )-and reports incidence of abnormal stroboscopy findings and acoustic characteristics.Retrospective review of transgender patients presenting to tertiary-care laryngology center between February 2018-February 2019. Mean VHI-10, TVQ, and […]
  • Intraductal Papilloma Arising From the Minor Salivary Glands of the Larynx: A Case Report.
    It is rare for intraductal papilloma, a benign papillary tumor, to occur in the salivary glands. To our knowledge, intraductal papilloma occurring in the minor salivary glands of the larynx has not been reported. In this report, we describe a case of intraductal papilloma that occurred in the minor salivary glands of the larynx. A […]
  • Trends in Subglottic Stenosis Management: Resource Utilization and Pediatric Otolaryngology Training.
    The role for endoscopic management in children with subglottic stenosis (SGS) has grown, but there are no data on resource utilization or the impact on surgical training in pediatric otolaryngology. This study hypothesizes that this shift has increased resource utilization and has impacted surgical training by shifting the focus toward more endoscopic techniques.Retrospective database review.The […]
  • The Effects of Menopause on Neuromuscular Parameters of the Rat Vocal Folds.
    Menopause adversely affecs power and endurance of the limb muscles. However, despite clinical observations that menopause corresponds to negative changes of the voice, the direct effects of estrogen deprivation on the thyroarytenoid muscles are unknown. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of estrogen deprivation via ovariectomy on three neuromuscular parameters of […]
  • Effects of Arytenoid Adduction Suture Position on Voice Production and Quality.
    Arytenoid adduction (AA) is performed to treat unilateral vocal fold paralysis with a large posterior glottal gap. However, the voice effects of AA suture position remain unclear. This study aimed to evaluate voice production and quality as a function of AA suture position on the thyroid ala in a neuromuscularly intact in vivo larynx.Animal model.Unilateral […]
  • Validation of the Communicative Participation Item Bank as an Outcome Measure for Spasmodic Dysphonia.
    Current patient-reported outcome measures do not adequately capture the impact of spasmodic dysphonia (SD) on communication in daily life situations. The aim of this study was to validate the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB), which specifically measures a disease’s impact on daily conversational situations, as an outcome measure for SD.Multi-institutional prospective cohort study.A prospective study […]
  • Pilot Study: Pneumatic Compression Garment Therapy for Postradiotherapy Laryngopharyngeal Edema.
    Pneumatic compression garment therapy (PCGT) has been established as treatment for postradiotherapy lymphedema, and its use in head and neck patients is becoming more common. Although effects on interstitial edema of the cervical soft tissues have been studied, effects on internal laryngopharyngeal edema, as well as associated symptoms of dysphagia and dysphonia, have yet to […]
  • 5 Years of Diode Laser “Π” Technique for Bilateral Vocal Fold Immobility: A Technique That Improves Airway and Is Friendly to the Voice.
    To demonstrate the efficacy of a new laser surgical technique for bilateral vocal fold immobility (BVFI) on postoperative quality of voice and swallowing.Prospective study in a tertiary university hospital and a private hospital. Patients with iatrogenic BVFI were included. Outcome measures were Voice Handicap Index 10, 10-item Eating Assessment Tool, flexible laryngoscopy, and success of […]
  • Esophageal Dysmotility is Common in Patients With Multiple System Atrophy.
    Esophageal dysmotility (ED) in patients with multiple system atrophy (MSA) are poorly understood. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of ED in patients with MSA and to assess the relationship of esophageal abnormalities with other clinical findings and characteristics in these patients.A retrospective chart review was conducted to identify patients with MSA and to […]
  • Prevalence of Synchronous ESCN in Head and Neck Cancer: A Single-Institution Perspective.
    The primary objective was to determine the prevalence of synchronous esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patients. The secondary objective was to determine risk factors for the development of synchronous esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCN).Cross sectional observation study.A prospective cross sectional, observational study on consecutive 300 newly diagnosed oral […]
  • Angioleiomyoma of the Larynx: A Case Report and Literature Review.
    Angioleiomyoma is a benign smooth muscle and vessel tumor; laryngeal localization is extremely rare with only 24 cases described in the literature; moreover, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis of laryngeal mass. Endoscopic complete surgical excision with dissection along capsule is now considered the gold-standard treatment for small and well-circumscribed laryngeal angioleiomyoma. We […]
  • Effect of Wendler Glottoplasty on Acoustic Measures of Voice.
    Voice therapy has been the primary treatment for voice feminization in transfemale patients due to concerns that surgery worsens voice quality. We aim to determine the impact of Wendler glottoplasty on acoustic measures of voice.Retrospective case series.Transgender female patients treated for vocal feminization with Wendler glottoplasty at a single tertiary care center were identified. Pre- […]
  • Beethoven: His Hearing Loss and His Hearing Aids.
    : To celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great classical composer, Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), we point out how his hearing loss affected him and how the primitive hearing aids at that time helped mitigate his hearing loss. From the age of 26, Beethoven began to suffer from a fluctuating, progressive hearing […]
  • Endoscopic Findings in Male Prepubertal Choir Singers.
    The male singing voice through puberty undergoes many changes that present challenges for the singer and choral director. The purpose of this study was to discuss the endoscopic findings seen in prepubescent choir singers.Single-institution prospective study.Subjects were recruited from the Cincinnati Boychoir and were described as Cooksey stage unchanged or mid-voice I, as described by […]
  • Adding Flexible Instrumentation to a Curved Videolaryngoscope: A Novel Tool for Laryngeal Surgery.
    Transoral surgery of the larynx with rigid instruments is not always possible. This may result in insufficient therapy or in an increased need for open surgery. For these patients, alternative surgical systems are needed. Here, we demonstrate a curved prototype for laryngeal surgery equipped with flexible instruments.Pre-clinical user study in an ex vivo porcine laryngeal […]
  • Prospective Anatomical Study To Determine the Site of Insertion of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Into the Larynx.
    Determine whether the insertion site of the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) occurs at a predictable distance from the midline trachea, to help guide safe dissection during thyroid surgery.Prospective clinical trial. At the inferior edge of the cricoid cartilage, we measured the distance from mildline trachea to the RLN insertion site.Single institution.50 consecutive patients undergoing thyroid […]
  • Regenerative Efficacy of Fibroblast Growth Factor for the Treatment of Aged Vocal Fold: From Animal Model to Clinical Application.
    We assessed fibroblast growth factor (FGF) regenerative efficacy in an aged vocal fold rat model and confirmed it in a prospective clinical trial.For animal experiments, 48 Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into two groups: 24 six-month-olds (young group) and 24 twenty-four-month-olds (old group). FGF was injected once a week thrice into the left vocal fold of […]
  • The Effectiveness of Voice Therapy on Voice-Related Handicap: A Network Meta-Analysis.
    Treatment approaches for voice therapy are diverse, yet their differential effects are not well understood. Evaluations of treatment effects across approaches are important for clinical guidance and evidence-based practice.To quantify the evidence of treatment effectiveness on the outcome measure Voice Handicap Index with the 30-items(VHI-30) from existing randomized controlled/clinical trials (RCT) of voice therapy using […]
  • A Dissectional Study of the Level of Anterior Commissure of the Larynx.
    Precise knowledge of the level of the vocal fold as projected on the external thyroid cartilage is of critical importance for the performance of many surgical approaches. This study aims to identify the level of the anterior commissure, as well as the lengths of the vocal muscle and arytenoid cartilage in Turkish population.Specimens were collected […]
  • Laryngeal Pathologies and Their Associations With Mental Health Disorders.
    Mental health disorders are very common. Understanding their clinical manifestations in terms of voice and laryngeal disorders (VLD) is important because they constitute a significant proportion of all patients seen by otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. In this study, we examine different mental disorders (MDs) and their presenting symptoms and diagnoses of VLD.Case series study, retrospective […]
  • Anatomical Variations in Recurrent Laryngeal Nerves in Thyroid Surgery.
    To study terminal bifurcation of recurrent laryngeal nerves (RLNs) with original direction to larynx entry and to decrease the risk of vocal cord paralysis in thyroid patients.The RLNs of 294 patients (482 sides) were dissected according to the branches into the larynx, and the original direction of each RLN trunk in thyroid surgery was recorded.(1) […]
  • Voice Quality, Function, and Quality of Life for Laryngeal Cancer: A Prospective Longitudinal Study Up to 24 Months Following Radiotherapy.
    To study the potential changes of health-related quality of life (HRQL), voice quality, and communicative function up to 24 months following radiotherapy for patients with laryngeal cancer.A total of 28 patients with laryngeal cancer, treated by curatively intended radiotherapy were included in this prospective longitudinal descriptive study. Patients were followed pre-radiotherapy, 12 months, and 24 […]
  • Transoral Excision of Parapharyngeal Tumors.
    The transoral approach for parapharyngeal space tumors has been criticized due to its restrictive exposure and increased rate of vascular and nerve injuries. However, for certain tumors-namely those that are prestyloid, benign, and well-encapsulated-the transoral approach reduces overall morbidity while providing direct access. Transoral surgeons can rely on this approach for select tumors seen clearly […]
  • Presbylarynx: Does Body Muscle Mass Correlate With Vocal Atrophy? A Prospective Case Control Study.
    To analyze the potential association between body muscle mass and presbylarynx.Study performed on subjects referred to the otorhinolaryngology department in a tertiary center between January and September 2019 . Based on endoscopic findings of the larynx, the patients were subdivided into two main groups: presbylarynx versus no presbylarynx. Data regarding gender, body composition, self-assessment of […]
  • Simultaneous Malignant and Benign Nonepithelial Neoplasms of the Larynx-A Case Report and Literature Review.
    Nonepithelial tumors of the larynx are relatively rare neoplasms of the head and neck. The chondrosarcoma, which develops commonly from cricoid and thyroid cartilage, stands for 0.2% of the laryngeal malignant neoplasms. The rhabdomyoma is even more uncommon benign tumor developing from the laryngeal striated muscles. The clinical manifestation and the treatment options depend on […]
  • Laryngotracheal Mucosal Surface Expression of Candidate Biomarkers in Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis.
    Idiopathic subglottic stenosis (iSGS) is an inflammatory process leading to fibrosis and narrowing of the laryngotracheal airway. There is variability in patient response to surgical intervention, but the mechanisms underlying this variability are unknown. In this pilot study, we measure expression of candidate targets at the mucosal surface of the subglottis in iSGS patients. We […]
  • Two Concomitant Right Nonrecurrent Laryngeal Nerves Encountered During Thyroidectomy (Type 4 Course): Reported for the First Time.
    The recurrent laryngeal nerve gains its name because after branching from the vagus nerve, it turns superiorly (recur) around the subclavian artery on the right and around the ligamentum arteriosum on the left, the nonrecurrent nerve has a straight direct course to the larynx and doesn’t follow this course. It presents mostly on the right […]
  • The Role of Cytokines in Modulating Vocal Fold Fibrosis: A Contemporary Review.
    Vocal fold (VF) scarring and laryngeal stenosis are a significant clinical challenge. Excessive scar formation causes low voice quality or even life-threatening obstructions. Cytokines are thought to modulate multiple steps of the establishment of VF fibrosis, but there is no systematic report regarding their role in modulating VF fibrosis. This review aims to investigate the […]
  • Reliability and Accuracy of Remote Fiberoptic Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy in the Pediatric Population.
    Telemedicine is an increasingly prevalent component of medical practice. In otolaryngology, there is the potential for telemedicine services to be performed in conjunction with device use, such as with a nasolaryngoscope. This study evaluates the reliability of remote examinations of the upper airway through an iPhone recording using a coupling device attached to a nasopharyngolaryngoscope […]
  • Transoral Laser Surgery for Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the Glottis: First Case Report and Review of the Literature.
    Adenosquamous carcinoma of the head and neck is a rare cancer associated with poor prognosis. Histologically, it is identified through the presence of both adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, although it may be difficult to diagnose from initial endoscopic biopsies. We report a case of adenosquamous carcinoma of the glottis in an 82-year-old female patient […]
  • H+/K+ATPase Expression in the Larynx of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and Laryngeal Cancer Patients.
    The gastric H+/K+ ATPase proton pump has previously been shown to be expressed in the human larynx, however its contribution to laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) signs, symptoms and associated diseases such as laryngeal cancer is unknown. Proton pump expression in the larynx of patients with LPR and laryngeal cancer was investigated herein. A human hypopharyngeal cell […]
  • Research Progress Regarding Surgical Margins, Molecular Margins, and Prognosis of Laryngeal Carcinoma.
    Laryngeal carcinoma is one of the most common malignant tumors of the head and neck. Researchers have refined the study of surgical margin in the anatomical subarea of the larynx to determine the most appropriate distance of the surgical margin for laryngeal carcinoma, to achieve accurate resection of laryngeal carcinoma and to improve the possibility […]