The introduction of day-case total knee arthroplasty in a national healthcare system: A review of the literature and development of a hospital pathway.

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As we now drive to reinitiate our full capacity elective services in an attempt to tackle an ever-growing demand for lower limb arthroplasty, this pandemic has presented rare opportunities to revise and re-engage elective arthroplasty pathways aimed at improving patient care and healthcare efficiency.We present the development of an evidence-based multidisciplinary perioperative care pathway for day-case total knee arthroplasty (TKA) in a United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) institution, in conjunction with a review of the literature upon which the protocol is founded.We performed a review of the literature reporting complication or readmission rates at ≥30 day postoperative following day-case TKA. Electronic searches were performed using four databases from the date of inception to November 2020. Relevant studies were identified, data extracted, and qualitative synthesis performed.13 manuscripts with a total of 3370 day-case TKAs, defined as discharged on the same-calendar-day of surgery, were included in analysis. Mean 90-day complication rates (8.31% [range, 0-16.3%] vs 9.49% [range, 0-13.1%], respectively) and readmission rates (2.71% [range, 0-10.0%] vs 3.41% [range, 0-9.9%], respectively) were equivocal between day-case and inpatient TKA. The overall rate of successful same-calendar-day discharge was 95.8%. Our evaluation and critique of the evidence-based literature identifies day-case TKA to be safe, effective and economical, benefitting both patients and healthcare systems alike.We further validate the introduction of our institutional Elective Day Surgery Arthroplasty Pathway (EDSAP) based on the evidence presented. Careful patient selection paralleled with well-defined care pathways are essential for successful introduction of day-case TKA into the NHS.

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Authors: Joshua W Thompson, Warran Wignadasan, Mazin Ibrahim, Ricci Plastow, Lucy Beasley, Fares S Haddad