The Experience of New Graduate Registered Nurses as Managers of Pain.

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Beginning their post-licensure clinical practice can be a challenging time for new registered nurses. Pain management is considered an essential responsibility for nurses, requiring pain management that is prompt, safe and effective. Research is needed to examine the experiences of new registered nurses as they adjust to their new role using what they have already learned about pain and pain management.To examine the lived experiences of new registered nurses, who have been in the role less than a year, as they transition into their registered nurse role as a manager of pain utilizing what they have learned about pain and pain management in the undergraduate program and/or continuing professional development.This research was a phenomenological study in which interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed verbatim.Eight new graduate registered nurses employed less than a year at a 415-bed regional hospital were interviewed.Content analysis guidelines were used for the analyses of texts.Themes of navigating relationships, the practice of pain management and disconnect between school and real life were developed from the analyses of texts.Knowledge generated from this study can be used to better understand the experience of new graduate registered nurses regarding pain management and enhance pain management curricula in undergraduate nursing education and continuing professional development.

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