The association between use of chemsex drugs and HIV clinic attendance among gay and bisexual men living with HIV in London.

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To investigate the association between chemsex drug use and HIV clinic attendance among gay and bisexual men in London.A cross-sectional survey of adults (> 18 years) diagnosed with HIV for > 4 months, attending seven London HIV clinics (May 2014 to August 2015). Participants self-completed an anonymous questionnaire linked to clinical data. Sub-optimal clinic attenders had missed one or more HIV clinic appointments in the past year, or had a history of non-attendance for > 1 year.Over half (56%) of the 570 men who identified as gay or bisexual reported taking recreational drugs in the past 5 years and 71.5% of these men had used chemsex drugs in the past year. Among men reporting chemsex drug use (past year), 32.1% had injected any drugs in the past year. Sub-optimal clinic attenders were more likely than regular attenders to report chemsex drug use (past year; 46.9% vs. 33.2%, P = 0.001), injecting any drugs (past year; 17.1% vs. 8.9%, P = 0.011) and recreational drug use (past 5 years; 65.5% vs. 48.8%, P 

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Authors: A R Howarth, V Apea, S Michie, S Morris, M Sachikonye, C H Mercer, A Evans, V C Delpech, C Sabin, F M Burns