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ClinOwl is an online resource intended for healthcare professionals only. By using this resource, you are confirming that you are qualified to do so.

All information on ClinOwl is collated from third party medical journals and as such ClinOwl cannot guarantee that the information provided is accurate, up to date or legally compliant. The information provided is intended for educational and informational purposes only. This resource should not be used for diagnostic purposes or to recommend a particular product or therapy to a patient. Users are entirely responsible for evaluating any information obtained from ClinOwl. In most cases only the article abstract is provided and links to the full article on the original source website are provided. Access to full article content on third party websites may require a login and in some cases payment.

Members of the public who access ClinOwl should never rely on this information as professional medical advice and never see this as an alternative to consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. For any medical concerns, members of the public should always speak to a healthcare professional.