Tailoring Surveillance Colonoscopy in Patients with Advanced Adenomas.

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Patients with advanced colorectal adenomas (AA) are directed to undergo intensive surveillance. However, the benefit derived from surveillance may be outweighed by the risk of death from non-colorectal cancer (CRC) causes, leading to uncertainty on how best to individualize follow-up. The aim of this study was to derive a risk prediction model and risk index that estimates and stratifies the risk for non-colorectal cancer mortality (NCM) subsequent to diagnosis and removal of AA.We conducted a retrospective cohort study of Veterans > 40 years who had colonoscopy for diagnostic or screening indications at 13 VAMCs between 2002 and 2009, and had one or more AAs. The primary outcome was non-CRC mortality (NCM) using a fixed follow-up time period of 5 years. Logistic regression using the lasso technique was used to identify factors independently associated with non-CRC mortality (NCM), and an index based on points from regression coefficients was constructed to estimate risk of 5-year NCM.We identified 2,943 Veterans with AA (mean age (SD) 63 (8.6) years, 98% male, 74% white), with an overall 5-year mortality of 16.7%, which was nearly all due to NCM (16.6%). Age, comorbidity burden, specific comorbid conditions, and hospitalization within the preceding year were independently associated with NCM. The risk prediction model had a goodness of fit (calibration) p-value of 0.41, and c-statistic (discrimination) of 0.74 (95% CI, 0.71-0.76). Based on comparable 5-year risks of NCM, the scores comprised 3 risk categories: low (score of 0-1), intermediate (score of 2-4) and high (score of ≥ 5), in which NCM occurred in 6.5%, 14.1%, and 33.2%, respectively.We derived a risk prediction model that identifies Veterans at high risk of NCM within 5 years, and who are thus unlikely to benefit from further surveillance.

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Authors: Charles J Kahi, Laura J Myers, Timothy E Stump, Timothy D Imler, Eric A Sherer, Jason Larson, Thomas F Imperiale