Sudden Death in the Young: Information for the Primary Care Provider.

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There are multiple conditions that can make children prone to having a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) or sudden cardiac death (SCD). Efforts have been made by multiple organizations to screen children for cardiac conditions, but the emphasis has been on screening before athletic competition. This article is an update of the previous American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement of 2012 that addresses prevention of SCA and SCD. This update includes a comprehensive review of conditions that should prompt more attention and cardiology evaluation. The role of the primary care provider is of paramount importance in the evaluation of children, particularly as they enter middle school or junior high. There is discussion about whether screening should find any cardiac condition or just those that are associated with SCA and SCD. This update reviews the 4 main screening questions that are recommended, not just for athletes, but for all children. There is also discussion about how to handle post-SCA and SCD situations as well as discussion about genetic testing. It is the goal of this policy statement update to provide the primary care provider more assistance in how to screen for life-threatening conditions, regardless of athletic status.

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Authors: Christopher C Erickson, Jack C Salerno, Stuart Berger, Robert Campbell, Bryan Cannon, James Christiansen, Kody Moffatt, Andreas Pflaumer, Christopher S Snyder, Chandra Srinivasan, Santiago O Valdes, Victoria L Vetter, Frank Zimmerman, SECTION ON CARDIOLOGY AND CARDIAC SURGERY, PEDIATRIC AND CONGENITAL ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY SOCIETY (PACES) TASK FORCE ON PREVENTION OF SUDDEN DEATH IN THE YOUNG