Sudden Brief Unilateral Tapering Tinnitus (SBUTT) Is Closely Related to the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle.

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To determine the cause of sudden brief unilateral tapering tinnitus (SBUTTs).Five adults evaluated at a tertiary tinnitus referral center.Dry needling of lateral pterygoid muscle of one patient; jaw maneuvers in two patients.Halting of SBUTTs.Trauma to the region of the lateral pterygoid muscle is associated with ipsilateral SBUTTs. Dry needling of the lateral pterygoid muscles abolishes SBUTTs. Some SBUTTs can be heard by others.Some, if not all, SBUTTs appear to be closely related to trigger points within the lateral pterygoid muscle. SBUTTs may be generated by a local twitch response from trigger points within the lateral pterygoid muscle.

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Authors: Robert Aaron Levine, Ynon Lerner