Successful Treatment of a Venous Leg Ulcer With Manuka Honey: A Case Study.

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Refractory venous leg ulcers (VLUs) often require extended time to heal, and they carry a high risk of recurrence. This case study describes our experiences with a patient with a VLU refractory to multiple treatment strategies who was successfully treated with Manuka honey.Mr S. was a 76-year-old man with multiple comorbid conditions and hypersensitivity to silver-based compounds, who developed 3 VLUs of his right lower extremity. He experienced 90 days of unsuccessful treatments using an iodized cadexomer ointment, hydrodetersive fiber dressings, hydrocolloid meshes, compression therapy, and antibiotic treatment without progression toward wound healing. We then initiated treatment with Manuka honey and continued compression therapy. His primary VLU was completely epithelialized within 38 days, and an adjacent VLU also showed progression toward healing. Mr S. reported clinically relevant improvement in wound-related pain at 17 days.The use of Manuka honey proved effective in this patient with a VLU refractory to other treatment strategies.

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