Success rate of type 1 tympanoplasty: a comparative study.

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This study aimed to compare graft take rate after tympanoplasty between adults and paediatric patients, cartilage and fascia grafts, and overlay and underlay techniques.Data were analysed in groups according to the technique (underlay vs overlay), age (paediatric patients vs adults) and graft (cartilage vs temporalis fascia). The main outcome measures were full graft take and the incidence of complications.A total of 198 patients (208 ears) were included. Overall, full graft take was achieved in 200 ears (96 per cent). The success rate was higher in adults compared with paediatric patients (97.5 per cent vs 92.25, respectively) but the difference was insignificant. Similarly, higher but insignificant graft take rate was found in the cartilage group compared with fascia group (98.6 per cent vs 94.9 per cent, respectively).All cases of overlay tympanoplasty had full graft take (success rate 100 per cent). In the underlay group, successful graft take was achieved in 154 cases (95 per cent). This difference was statistically insignificant.

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Authors: H Odat, M Alali, Y Kanaan, M Al-Qudah