Stent Graft Placement in the Top-Down Direction for Treating Traumatic Intra-Abdominal Suprahepatic Inferior Vena Cava Rupture: A Case Report.

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The treatment of suprahepatic inferior vena cava (IVC) ruptures results in high mortality rates due to difficulty in performing the surgical procedure. Here, we present a case of successful endovascular management of a life-threatening suprahepatic IVC rupture with top-down placement of a stent graft.A 33-year-old woman was involved in a traffic accident and presented to our emergency department due to unstable hemodynamics after blunt abdominal wall trauma. Computed tomography (CT) revealed massive extravasation of contrast agent from the suprahepatic IVC, which suggested traumatic suprahepatic IVC rupture. To seal the IVC, to salvage major hepatic veins, and to prevent migration of the stent graft into the right side of the heart after placement, an aortic cuff with a proximal hook was introduced in a top-down direction via the right internal jugular vein. After closure of the injured IVC, the patient’s hemodynamics improved, and additional laparotomy was performed. After 3 months of trauma care, the patient recovered and was discharged. Follow-up CT after 58 months showed a patent stent graft within the IVC.Endovascular management with top-down placement of a stent graft is a viable option for emergent damage control in patients with life-threatening hemorrhage from IVC rupture.

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Authors: Yun Chul Park, Hyoung Ook Kim, Nam Yeol Yim, Byung Chan Lee, Chan Park, Young Goun Jo, Jung Chul Kim, Won Gi Jeong