Six-year trends in postoperative prescribing and use of multimodal analgesics following total hip and knee arthroplasty: A single-site observational study of pain management.

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Guidelines for acute postoperative pain management recommend administering analgesics in multimodal combination to facilitate synergistic benefit, reduce opioid requirements and decrease side-effects. However, limited observational research has examined the extent to which multimodal analgesics are prescribed and administered postoperatively following joint replacement.In this longitudinal study, we used three-point prevalence surveys to observe the 6-year trends in prescribing and use of multimodal analgesics on the orthopaedic wards of a single Australian private hospital. We collected baseline postoperative data from total hip and knee arthroplasty patients in May/June 2010 (Time 1, n = 86), and follow-up data at 1 year (Time 2, n = 199) and 5 years (Time 3, n = 188). During the follow-up, data on prescribing practices were presented to anaesthetists.We found a statistically significant increase in the prescribing (p 

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