Sexually Predatory Behavior in an Adolescent Female.

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This report describes a rare case of an adolescent female with a history of unspecified depressive disorder, disinhibited social engagement disorder, and significant history of sexual trauma at an early age, who initially presented with suicidal ideation. During the initial evaluation, the patient was found to have engaged in sexually predatory behavior toward younger boys, including solicitation and inappropriate sexual behavior. This report discusses relevant literature on the prevalence, risk factors, and treatment for this behavior among female adolescent sexual predators, as sex offenders are primarily thought to be men. General recommendations for health care professionals caring for female sexual offenders are addressed as well as the importance of early treatment and appropriate training for professionals. The patient has been deidentified.

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Authors: Michole A Deesing, Anna Buttlaire, Arya Nikjoo, Paramjit Joshi