Scapular Block: An Innovative Procedure-Specific Regional Anesthesia Technique for Scapula Surgery-A Case Report.

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A 40-year-old healthy male patient underwent open reduction and internal fixation with screws and plate for a comminuted fracture of the right scapula under ultrasound-guided “scapular block” with optimal sedation. We coined the term “scapular block” for an innovative combination of previously described regional anesthesia techniques to cover all dermatomes, myotomes, and osteotomes involved in scapula surgery. It is a combination of 5 target blocks (selective superior trunk block, selective supraclavicular nerve block, subclavian perivascular block, suprascapular nerve block, and erector spinae plane block) via 3 approaches (interscalene, supraclavicular, and paraspinal).

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