Salt and skin.

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The introduction of salt as a therapeutic agent in dermatological disorders has been in use since ancient times. This ubiquitous agent is the most underrated substance after the advent of modern medicine. Though a commonly used agent in both traditional and modern medicine, it is important to understand its relationship to the skin to further enhance the comprehensive benefit. The complex history of the evolution of medicine and its skewed distribution among the countries of the world led to inclusion of locally available and economical agents into therapeutics as it becomes almost an inevitable need. Moreover, an inadequate knowledge about the harmful effects of chronic salt exposure led salt to have a unique role in occupational dermatoses. There is no adequate literature on both detrimental and therapeutic effects of salt and its relation to skin. Hence, a genuine attempt was made to summarize the known and the lesser known facts of this particular common seasoning agent.

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Authors: Prarthana Manoharan, Karthikeyan Kaliaperumal