Safe Removal of a Centipede From the Ear By Using an Innovative Practicable Method: A Case Report.

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Arthropods may become lodged inside the ear and cause considerable emotional and physical trauma. Cases of centipedes being lodged in the external auditory canal have rarely been reported. In this article, we present the case of woman who had a centipede lodged inside her right external auditory canal. Removal using a topical local anesthetic can lead to vigorous activity of the centipede, which can cause harm to the patient and clinicians. Therefore, we developed and successfully applied a practicable method that involved using a modified plastic bottle for safe centipede removal. In conclusion, centipedes can express distinct and threatening behavior, and clinicians should pay attention to the activity of the lodged centipede and possibly use the proposed method to safely remove it.

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Authors: Meng-Chang Ding, Yao-Te Tsai, Ming-Shao Tsai, Cheng-Ming Hsu, Geng-He Chang