Robotic resection of an aortic valve fibroelastoma using a right lateral approach.

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Robotic technology provides excellent visualization and surgical precision and it is reaching maturity in cardiac surgery, although mostly confined to mitral surgery and coronary revascularization. Robotic aortic valve surgery (rAVS) has not been sufficiently developed, and experience is extremely scarce.We present a robotic resection of a papillary fibroelastoma on the aortic valve using a totally thoracoscopic right lateral approach.This technique provides excellent exposure, facilitates patient recovery and improves cosmesis.rAVS has tremendous potential and many patients may benefit in the future. The lateral approach used in our case may offers advantages over others previously attempted and may also facilitate adoption of rAVS by teams currently performing robotic mitral surgery.

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Authors: Elena Sandoval, Alejandro Fernández-Cisneros, Tito A García, Daniel Pereda