Rigid Video Laryngoscopy for Intubation in Severe Pierre Robin Sequence: A Retrospective Review.

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The anatomy of children with severe Pierre Robin sequence can present a challenge for direct laryngoscopy and intubation. Advanced techniques including flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopic intubation have been described but require highly specialized skill and equipment. Rigid video laryngoscopy is more accessible but has not been described in this population.Retrospective cohort study.A retrospective review was completed at a tertiary care center of all children between January 2016 and March 2020 with Pierre Robin sequence who underwent a mandibular distraction osteogenesis procedure. Intubation events were collected, and a descriptive analysis was performed. A univariate logistic regression model was applied to direct laryngoscopy and flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy with rigid video laryngoscopy as a reference.Twenty-five patients were identified with a total of 56 endotracheal events. All patients were successfully intubated. Direct laryngoscopy was successful at first intubation attempt in 47.3% (9/19) of events. Six direct laryngoscopy events required switching to another device. Rigid video laryngoscopy was successful at first intubation attempt in 80.5% (29/36) of events. Two cases required switching to another device. Flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy was found successful at first intubation attempt in 88.9% (8/9) of events. Direct laryngoscopy was 4 times more likely to fail first intubation attempt when compared to rigid video laryngoscopy (P 

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