Resection of a Giant Hypopharyngeal Liposarcoma Invading the Esophagus by Lateral Pharyngotomy: A Case Report.

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Hypopharyngeal liposarcomas are extremely rare. Due to the lack of experience, pathologists and surgeons find it difficult to make a clear diagnosis and provide accurate, timely treatment. A 43-year-old man with a complaint of foreign body sensation in the throat for 6 months and swallowing difficulty for 2 months was admitted to our department. Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of the chest and larynx revealed a lesion with smooth surface in the esophagus, connected by a pedicle to the hypopharyngeal lesion. The same result was found by gastroscopy. Lateral pharyngotomy was performed for tumor removal, and after 3 weeks, the patient showed good movement of bilateral vocal cords, without dysphagia, choking cough, or hoarseness. This is the first case report of hypopharyngeal liposarcoma invading the esophagus. A thorough preoperative evaluation may be required for the proper diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.

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