Relationship between the higher inflammatory cytokines level in the aqueous humor of Fuchs uveitis syndrome and the presence of cataract.

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This study aims to compare the levels of intraocular cytokines between Fuchs uveitis syndrome (FUS) eyes and the senile cataract eyes. The association between inflammatory cytokine levels and cataract severity in FUS is evaluated to find the possible mechanism of cataract in FUS eyes.A retrospective study of 28 eyes with FUS was performed. Auxiliary examinations were performed, including ophthalmic examinations, laser flare-cell photometry, and levels of inflammatory cytokines in the aqueous humor were measured. The control group included 25 eyes with senile cataract. Data on the aqueous humor inflammatory cytokines were compared between the two groups. The association between the aqueous humor cytokine levels and severity of posterior subcapsular cataract was assessed.There were 28 eyes with FUS in 27 patients. Unilateral involvement was noted in 26 patients (96.30%). Stellate keratic precipitates (KPs) were noted in 16 eyes (57.14%). Heterochromia was observed in 21.43% of affected eyes. Posterior subcapsular cataract (PSC) was observed in 16 of the 28 eyes. Eyes with FUS had significantly higher aqueous humor (AH) cytokine levels (VEGF, bFGF, IL-6, IL-8 and IL-10) compared with the control eyes (P 

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Authors: Hui Wang, Yong Tao