Protocolo de tratamiento de heridas con apósito de hidrofibra reforzada, con plata iónica al 1,2%, potenciado con EDTA y cloruro de bencetonio para evitar la recurrencia de biopelícula.

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Present a treatment protocol to avoid biofilm reformation in hard-to-heal wounds, using a hydrofiber dressing with 1.2% ionic silver, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and benzethonium chloride.A retrospective, descriptive and analytic study on the use of a treatment protocol, including three case studies. Patient records for hard-to-heal wounds were analysed according to an algorithm for biofilm detection and best-practice recommendations for wound hygiene.The adopted protocol was based on three pillars: identifying clinical signs suggesting biofilm, performing wound hygiene, and applying an antibiofilm dressing.Wound healing rates can improve after protocol implementation. Adequate control of local signs of infection and exudate, as well as visual and indirect signs of biofilm, were achieved. All patients progressed well towards wound-size reduction and closure using the hydrofiber dressing.

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