Profunda femoris pseudoaneurysm rupture post dynamic hip screw fixation after physiotherapy.

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This case discusses an elderly female who presented acutely with compromised profunda femoris pseudoaneurysm and massive haematoma five weeks after dynamic hip screw insertion for a left neck of femur fracture. The only precipitating factor leading to this presentation was ongoing physiotherapy. She was referred from a rehabilitation hospital to the nearest vascular surgical unit for acute and definitive surgical intervention. Post-operatively, she fared incredibly well, regaining her baseline level of functioning. History taking is complex in a patient with dementia. Clinical examination should follow with a focused approach to the site of recent operation and also where complications are likely to manifest when an alteration from baseline cognitive function is noted. This is of course in addition to the complete work up required from a holistic perspective with any acute deterioration. Imaging should be arranged and prompt referral made if a treatable acute cause is identified. It is imperative to involve family and/or next of kin if possible, but this should not impede prompt decision-making in the patient’s best interests by the clinical team if delays are likely to occur.

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Authors: K A Hamdulay, T P Beresford