Prevalence of Surgical, Anesthetic, and Device-related Complications Among Infants Implanted Before 9 and 12 Months of Age Versus Older Children: Evidence for the Continued Expansion of Pediatric Cochlear Implant Candidacy Criteria.

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To compare the prevalence of surgical, anesthetic, and device-related complications among infants and older children receiving cochlear implantation (CI).Retrospective chart review.Tertiary academic referral center.Pediatric patients who underwent CI from November 1990 to January 2020.CI.Surgical, anesthetic, and device-related complication rates were compared by age group (<12 versus 12-23 versus 24+ months with subset analysis of <9 versus 9-11 months).A total of 406 primary pediatric CI surgeries encompassing 482 ears were analyzed, including 45 ears in 23 patients implanted less than 9 months and 89 ears in 49 patients less than 12 months. No anesthetic complications occurred. Postoperative surgical and device-related complication rates were not significantly different among the less than 12, 12 to 23, and 24+ month groups (16% versus 16% versus 12%; p = 0.23) or between the less than 9 and 9 to 11 month groups (22% versus 9%; p = 0.09). Thirty-day readmission was significantly higher for patients less than 12 months compared with patients 24+ months (6% versus <1%; p = 0.011), but was not significantly higher compared with patients 12 to 23 months (6% versus 3%; p = 0.65). Reoperation rates did not differ significantly among the less than 12, 12 to 23, and 24+ month groups (10% versus 7% versus 6%; p = 0.31).The prevalence of surgical, anesthetic, and device related complications was not significantly different among infants implanted less than 9 or less than 12 months of age when compared with older children. These data provide evidence for the continued expansion of pediatric cochlear implant candidacy criteria to include appropriately selected infants less than 9 months of age.

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Authors: Cynthia M Chweya, Alyssa J Smith, Matthew M May, Christine M Lohse, Brian A Neff, Colin L W Driscoll, Matthew L Carlson