Preliminary Findings for Group Transdiagnostic Behavior Therapy for Affective Disorders Among Youths.

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The literature on transdiagnostic psychotherapy among youths is limited. Group transdiagnostic behavior therapy (TBT) has been shown to be effective for adults with affective disorders and may contain beneficial features for youths (e.g., behavioral focus, group format, ease of dissemination, and diversity of targeted diagnoses). This study aimed to investigate group TBT among youths in Canada to determine its feasibility and efficacy.Twenty participants (ages 16-19) diagnosed as having a principal anxiety disorder completed 12 sessions of group TBT. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, and transdiagnostic impairment were assessed pre- and posttreatment.Participants demonstrated significant improvements on measures of anxiety (general, cognitive, and somatic) and stress, with moderate effect sizes. Findings for symptoms of depression and transdiagnostic impairment were unreliable, with small effect sizes.These findings provide preliminary support for the use of group TBT among youths with anxiety disorders. Future research should incorporate comparison groups and larger samples.

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