Predictors of Postoperative Electrode Deactivation Among Adult Cochlear Implantees.

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To characterize postoperative electrode functionality after adult cochlear implantation; to identify rationale and risk factors for electrode deactivation.Retrospective Chart Review.Academic Cochlear Implant Center.Five hundred nineteen cochlear implants in 433 adult patients over 5 years.Unilateral or bilateral cochlear implantation.Rate of electrode deactivation after adult cochlear implantation.One hundred twenty (27.7%) patients experienced electrode deactivation postoperatively, involving a total of 447 electrodes. The most common reasons for deactivation were bothersome nonauditory symptoms (n = 170, 38.0%), perceived benefit by patients (n = 64, 14.3%), and bothersome auditory symptoms (n = 60, 13.4%). Four hundred nineteen (93.7%) of involved electrodes remained deactivated at most recent follow-up, whereas 28 (6.3%) were able to be reactivated. Deactivation was most likely to occur within the first 4 weeks after activation (n = 90 patients,75.0%; p 

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Authors: Christopher Wen, Tiffany Peng Hwa, Adam C Kaufman, Jason A Brant, Steven J Eliades, Douglas C Bigelow, Michael J Ruckenstein