Penile fracture associated with complete urethra and bilateral corpora cavernosa transection.

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Penile fracture is a rare urological emergency caused by blunt trauma to the erect penis. It occurs due to the forcible bending of the turgid erect penis against resistance leading to tunica albuginea tear. The rupture of tunica albuginea surrounding the corpora cavernosa leads to hematoma formation and classical ‘aubergine’ deformity. Timely intervention is essential to improve sexual function. Urethral injury may occur concomitantly in case of severe trauma. Blood at the meatus, inability to void and haematuria are distinctive features. We describe a case of 36-year-old man who presented to the emergency department with penile fracture during sexual intercourse associated with blood at the meatus and voiding difficulty. On surgical exploration, complete bilateral corpora cavernosa tear and penile urethral transection was noted. The patient was successfully managed with timely repair. This case highlights the need for suspicion of an associated urethral injury in patients of penile fracture with blood at the meatus.

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Authors: J Mathew, K Parmar, A Chandna, S Kumar