Parathyroid cancer: A systematic review of diagnostic biomarkers.

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Parathyroid cancers are rare and difficult to distinguish from benign parathyroid tumours. Prediction of malignancy often relies on intraoperative assessment of invasion. Standard histology is also inadequate; especially in the absence of local invasion, lymph nodal disease and metastasis. The aim of this project was to systematically review published literature on potential bio-markers used for the diagnosis of parathyroid cancer.Pubmed, Web of Science and Medline databases were searched. Inclusion criteria included English language papers published after 1985 and reporting on biomarkers in human studies of parathyroid cancer and benign disease.118 relevant papers were appraised; all were observational studies. At least 2 papers studied 8 serum, 4 urine and 27 tissue biomarkers on the diagnosis of parathyroid cancer. Of these, 5 serum and 13 tissue markers have been demonstrated in at least one study to be statistically different in benign and malignant disease. We present a synthesis of data for each biomarker and measures of diagnostic accuracy where possible.Consideration should be given to the use of a panel of biomarkers to review patients with suspected parathyroid cancer. A profile including serum calcium and PTH levels and tissue expression of APC, Parafibromin, PGP9.5, Galectin 3 and Ki67 is proposed. Systematic Review Registration Number – CRD42019127833.

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Authors: Matthew Philip Davies, Thomas William John Evans, Fawzia Tahir, Saba P Balasubramanian