Paranasal Mass in a Healthy Male Toddler.

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Head and neck tumors are rare in pediatric patients but should be kept in the differential when a patient presents with a new swelling or mass. One of these tumors is a myxoma, which is an insidiously growing, benign mass originating from the mesenchyme. They most commonly arise in the myocardium but can also develop in facial structures, particularly in the maxilla and mandible. When arising in facial structures, ocular, respiratory, and digestive systems can be affected based on local invasion. Complete surgical resection is curative but can lead to significant morbidity as well. Here, we present a case of a 15-month-old toddler presenting with a paranasal mass, which was ultimately diagnosed as a maxillary myxoma. This tumor is very rare in the pediatric population, especially in the toddler age-group, reminding clinicians to broaden the differential diagnosis when a patient’s course is atypical.

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Authors: Melonie Anne Phillips, Meredith Lind, Gerd McGwire, Diana Rodriguez, Suzanna Logan