Ossicular chain reconstruction: endoscopic or microscopic?

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To compare the results of endoscopic and microscopic ossicular chain reconstruction surgery.Patients undergoing ossicular chain reconstruction surgery via an endoscopic (n = 31) or microscopic (n = 34) technique were analysed for age, gender, Middle Ear Risk Index, ossicular chain defect, incision type, ossicular chain reconstruction surgery material, mean air conduction threshold, air-bone gap, air-bone gap gain, word recognition score, mean operation duration and mean post-operative follow up.Post-operative air conduction, air-bone gap and word recognition score improved significantly in both groups (within-subject p < 0.001 for air conduction and air-bone gap, and 0.026 for word recognition score); differences between groups were not significant (between-subject p = 0.192 for air conduction, 0.102 for air-bone gap, and 0.709 for word recognition score). Other parameters were similar between groups, except for incision type. However, endoscopic ossicular chain reconstruction surgery was associated with a significantly shorter operation duration (p < 0.001).Endoscopic ossicular chain reconstruction surgery can achieve comparable surgical and audiological outcomes to those of microscopic ossicular chain reconstruction surgery in a shorter time.

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