Neuraminidase 1 is a driver of experimental cardiac hypertrophy.

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Despite considerable therapeutic advances, there is still a dearth of evidence on the molecular determinants of cardiac hypertrophy that culminate in heart failure. Neuraminidases are a family of enzymes that catalyze the cleavage of terminal sialic acids from glycoproteins or glycolipids. This study sought to characterize the role of neuraminidases in pathological cardiac hypertrophy and identify pharmacological inhibitors targeting mammalian neuraminidases.Neuraminidase 1 (NEU1) was highly expressed in hypertrophic hearts of mice and rats, and this elevation was confirmed in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (n = 7) compared with healthy controls (n = 7). The increased NEU1 was mainly localized in cardiomyocytes by co-localization with cardiac troponin T. Cardiomyocyte-specific NEU1 deficiency alleviated hypertrophic phenotypes in response to transverse aortic constriction or isoproterenol hydrochloride infusion, while NEU1 overexpression exacerbated the development of cardiac hypertrophy. Mechanistically, co-immunoprecipitation coupled with mass spectrometry, chromatin immunoprecipitation, and luciferase assays demonstrated that NEU1 translocated into the nucleus and interacted with GATA4, leading to Foetal gene (Nppa and Nppb) expression. Virtual screening and experimental validation identified a novel compound C-09 from millions of compounds that showed favourable binding affinity to human NEU1 (KD = 0.38 μM) and effectively prevented the development of cardiac remodelling in cellular and animal models. Interestingly, anti-influenza drugs zanamivir and oseltamivir effectively inhibited mammalian NEU1 and showed new indications of cardio-protection.This work identifies NEU1 as a critical driver of cardiac hypertrophy and inhibition of NEU1 opens up an entirely new field of treatment for cardiovascular diseases.

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Authors: Qian-Qian Chen, Gaoxiang Ma, Jin-Feng Liu, Yuan-Yuan Cai, Jun-Yuan Zhang, Ting-Ting Wei, An Pan, Shujun Jiang, Yibei Xiao, Pingxi Xiao, Jiangping Song, Ping Li, Lei Zhang, Lian-Wen Qi