MRI Study of Jellyfish Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Cadaveric Dermis for Injection Laryngoplasty.

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Test a new jellyfish collagen biomaterial aimed to increase duration of injection medialization laryngoplasty (IL) against two products in clinical practice.Animal model.Left recurrent laryngeal nerve sectioning and IL were performed in New Zealand White rabbits (N = 6/group). Group 1 received micronized cross-linked jellyfish collagen (MX-JC) and adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs), Group 2, MX-JC alone, Group 3, cross-linked hyaluronic acid (X-HA), and Group 4, micronized acellular dermis (MACD). Animals were sacrificed at 4 and 12 weeks. Major outcomes were MRI tissue volumes and histopathology.After 100 μL IL MRI volumes (means ± STD) at 4 and 12 weeks were: Group 1: 27.2 ± 15.6 and 13.1 ± 5.2 μL, Group 2: 60.8 ± 18 and 27.8 ± 2.47 μL, Group 3: 27.4 ± 12 and 10.6 ± 8 μL, and Group 4: 37.5 ± 11 and 9.85 ± 1 μL. Group 2 volumes were largest and Group 3 were smallest in all comparisons (P

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Authors: Serban San-Marina, Andrew J Bowen, Michael S Oldenburg, Stephen G Voss, Danielle E Hunter, Slobodan Macura, Ryan Meloche, Alen Lee Miller, Andrew Mearns Spragg, Dale C Ekbom