Monochromatic higher order aberrations in highly myopic eyes with Staphyloma.

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Prevalence of high myopia is continuously increasing, thus, patients affected with staphyloma are abundant worldwide. Assessment of the quality of vision in these patients is mandatory for a proper clinical counselling, specially when undergoing surgical procedures that require intraocular lenses implantation. Thus, the purpose of the study was to assess monochromatic higher order aberrations (HOAs) in highly myopic eyes with staphyloma with or without a dome-shaped macula.Participants underwent spectral-domain optical coherence tomography, ocular axial biometry, dual Scheimpflug photography and integrated Placido disk topography, and Hartmann-Shack wavefront analysis. Five groups were evaluated: a low-moderate myopia control group (

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Authors: Santiago Delgado-Tirado, Alberto López-Miguel, Yazmin Báez-Peralta, Lucía González-Buendía, Itziar Fernández, Jorge L Alió, Miguel J Maldonado, Rosa M Coco-Martín