Masseter Flap for Reconstruction of Defects After Excision of Buccal Mucosa Cancers with Intact Mandible.

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Among the reconstructive options available for buccal mucosa defects with an intact mandible, free flap with microvascular anastomosis is the best option. However, in the developing world, with poor resources, limited in- frastructure, and high patient load, this cannot be offered to all patients. We report on the success of the masseter flap for reconstruction of such defects in carefully selected patients. Despite some known limitations, this flap is easy to learn and carries acceptable complications. The results of this flap may not be comparable to those of microvas- cular reconstructions, but they are better than those from other options such as skin graft, nasolabial flap, submental flap, etc. in terms of surgical time required, no donor site morbidity, and minimal aesthetic deformity.

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