Management Strategy of Local Subcutaneous Effusion After Auricle Reconstruction.

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Microtia is a severe congenital malformation of the external ear, and auricular reconstruction is still a challenge for plastic surgeons because of the complicated procedures and rare conditions. This study aimed to describe the location of subcutaneous effusion after auricular reconstruction and explore the clinical efficacy of the indwelling needle puncture drainage method in the treatment of local subcutaneous effusion.From January 2017 to December 2019, 1240 patients (1296 affected sides) who underwent auricular reconstruction using autogenous cartilage framework in the Plastic Surgery Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College were selected. The local subcutaneous effusion occurred within 5 days after the drainage tube was removed, and the indwelling needle was used for puncture and drainage in the postoperative treatment.A total of 55 patients had subcutaneous effusion after the operation, including 24 cases with Nagata’s method and 31 cases with the expanded single-flap method. One patient showed no obvious reduction after puncture and drainage by indwelling needle and improved after the secondary operation. Two patients had slight cartilage absorption. The remaining patients had good results.The method of the indwelling needle for puncture and drainage is easy to operate. The problem of local subcutaneous effusion after auricular reconstruction can be solved and good efficacy can be obtained.

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Authors: Rui Guo, Tun Liu, Bingqing Wang, Qingguo Zhang