Longitudinal changes in glucose metabolism in women with gestational diabetes, from late pregnancy to the postpartum period.

This study aimed to determine, in women with gestational diabetes (GDM), the changes in insulin sensitivity (Matsuda Insulin Sensitivity Index; ISOGTT), insulin response and disposition index (DI) from late pregnancy (34-37 weeks gestation, T1), to early postpartum (1-5 days, T2) and late postpartum (6-12 weeks, T3). A secondary aim was to correlate the longitudinal changes in maternal lipids, adipokines, cytokines and weight in relation to the changes in ISOGTT, insulin response and DI.ISOGTT, insulin response and DI were calculated at the three time points (T1, T2 and T3) using the results of a 75 g OGTT. Adipokines, cytokines and lipids were measured prior to each OGTT. Linear mixed-effects models were used to compare changes across each time point. Changes in ISOGTT, insulin response and DI were correlated with changes in maternal adipokines, cytokines and lipids at each time point.A total of 27 women completed all assessments. Compared with T1, ISOGTT was 11.20 (95% CI 8.09, 14.31) units higher at 1-5 days postpartum (p 

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