Long-Term Stability and Safety of the Soundbridge Coupled to the Round Window.

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The objective of the study was to demonstrate the long-term outcomes of patients implanted with the active middle ear implant (AMEI) Vibrant Soundbridge (VSB) through coupling the floating mass transducer (FMT) to the round window (RW).This retrospective study evaluated the short- and long-term clinical performance (audiological outcomes) and safety (revisions/explantations) of the VSB coupled to the RW between 2013 and 2019 at the St. Pölten University Hospital, Austria. For the outcome analysis, the sample was divided into a short-term examination group followed up for less than 12 months (<12 months) and a long-term examination group followed up for more than 12 months (>12 months). Cumulative survival outcomes were separately analyzed for subjects with and without cholesteatoma.46 patients with an average long-term follow-up period of 31.43 months (13-75 months) were investigated. Complications requiring revision surgery were reported in total in seven patients with cholesteatoma (15.2%) and none in subjects without cholesteatoma (0%). Residual hearing was not affected by VSB surgery. Word understanding on the Freiburger monosyllabic speech test improved significantly at 65 dB (P

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