Levodopa-carbidopa intrajejunal infusion in Parkinson’s disease: untangling the role of age.

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Levodopa-Carbidopa Intrajejunal gel (LCIG) infusion is an effective intervention for people with advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD). Although age may not be a limiting factor for LCIG implant, no data are available on late elderly PD (LE-PD) subjects. In this cross-sectional, we aimed to demonstrate if older age may impact on quality of life (QoL), motor and non-motor symptoms severity, and profile of side effects in PD treated with LCIG.Out of 512 PD subjects treated with LCIG at 9 Italian PD centers, we selected 25 LE-PD defined as age ≥ 80 years at last follow-up who were available to attend the study visit. Twenty-five PD patients (Control-PD, defined as age 

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