Leaning Forward – Early Arterial Access Promotes REBOA Utilization in Battlefield Casualties.


Uncontrolled non-compressible torso hemorrhage remains a leading cause of potentially preventable death on the battlefield. The utilization of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta (REBOA) has gained considerable traction in civilian and military trauma care. Establishment of arterial access remains the rate-limiting step in endovascular aortic occlusion. The decision to place arterial access, including size, location, and the appropriate clinician and scenario all must be considered to achieve the optimal patient outcome. This report is submitted by the Joint Medical Augmentation Unit, an elite surgical/resuscitation team that provides medical care in the most far-forward, austere environments in the special operations community. The authors highlight two cases where early arterial access, REBOA utilization, and massive blood transfusion with damage control surgery were associated with patient survival. We also address the prehospital application of REBOA in battlefield trauma. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: VStudy TypeSpecial Report.

Click here to read the full article @ The journal of trauma and acute care surgery
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