Isolated brachial artery aneurysm: a rare presentation of paediatric Behçet’s disease.

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Behçet’s disease is a rare disease characterised by recurrent oral ulcers, with systemic manifestations including genital ulcers, ocular disease, skin lesions, gastrointestinal disease, neurologic disease, vascular disease and arthritis. Most clinical manifestations of Behçet’s disease are believed to be due to vasculitis. The heterogeneous clinical spectrum is influenced by sex, ethnicity and country of residence. Vascular manifestation in the form of isolated large brachial artery aneurysm is rare in children. Treatment involves aneurysmorrhaphy to avoid rupture or ischaemic sequelae in addition to lifelong medical management to control vasculitis.

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Authors: A L Naik, A Savlania, A Gupta, P Rastogi, A Singh